Car Servicing

We offer a complete range of quality servicing options for your car, including fixed price servicing and manufacturer's scheduled log book servicing.
We use only quality parts and lubricants from brands such as Ryco, NGK and Valvoline so you can rest assured that your vehicle is receiving the right treatment.

Your car’s suspension not only keeps your car riding smoothly, it keeps your wheels in proper contact with the road. This is vital to safe steering and braking. DMS is an expert when it comes to shock absorbers and struts. We should be, our trained technicians are accredited front end specialists.

Clutch Repairs
We carry out all clutch repairs including replacement, adjustments and hydraulic repairs to all makes and models.

Cooling system
Our cooling system power flush ensures proper replacement of the coolant.

Electronic Fuel Injection
Our technicians specialise in fuel injection and engine management systems. We use the latest equipment to diagnose any faults in the engine management system and then use our expert knowledge to correctly repair and tune your vehicle. We also service fuel injectors both on and off the vehicle.

Engines And Repairs
We handle minor and major engine repairs. We also provide an engine exchange service so you have the option to overhaul or replace your engine with a second hand or reconditioned engine.

Suspension And Tyre Wear
Shock absorbers, springs, tyres and ball joints can have a huge effect on your safety.
We test and inspect all suspension components for wear including ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, tie rod ends and bushes.

Automatic Transmission
Every so often pending on the vehicle make and model your transmission should be serviced and maintained.
Our automatic transmission service includes replacement of transmission fluid, cleaning and/or replacement of filter plus adjustments as necessary.

Wheel Alignment
We use the latest precision equipment (German made BiessBarth) to adjust caster, camber and toe-in of front and rear wheels to prevent excessive tyre wear and high-speed instability.

Front and Rear Brakes
At DMS we are happy to provide you with a free no obligation inspection of your vehicle's braking system. We carry out in house disc machining (both on and off car), pad and shoe replacement and hydraulic repairs.

CV Joints
CV joints are necessary because they transfer torque at a constant speed to the wheels. They also accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system. That’s why it’s important to have your CV joints inspected regularly. DMS will inspect your CV joints for wear, noise or split boots and replace as required.

Exhaust & Mufflers
Regular inspections of your exhaust system is vital to ensure no fumes are emerging to the passenger area of your vehicle. DMS can repair or replace exhausts and mufflers as needed.

Timing Belts
If your vehicle has a timing belt it is important to have it replaced at the interval specified by the manufacturer as failure to do so may cause major engine damage and could prove to be very costly. DMS recommends to replace the belt, tensioner , pulleys and seals at the time of repair.

A standard tune-up, or spark plug replacement, done at the suggested maintenance interval will make an engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost power.

Engine Diagnostics
Today, most cars are controlled by computers. The fuel injectors, spark plugs, idle system and more are all told when to fire and when to move by an onboard computer system. DMS has the latest diagnostic equipment to identify what part of your engine or vehicle needs servicing.