LP Gas Conversions

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

The ECU controls the VSI system.

- Approval for E-marking LPG R67-01 and CNG R110 regulations
- Versions: 4, 6, 8 and 10 cylinder
- All upgrades are downwards compatible
- Highly reliable
- Measures the engine signals, fuel injectors, RPM, MAP, coolant, etc.
- Controls the solenoids
- Controls the injectors
- Cuts off the fuel injectors
- Communication with the diagnostics program
- ECU injector driver capability up to 10 cylinders
- Injector drivers based on “closed loop peak & hold current control”
- Constant monitoring of the injector diagnostics:
- Overload
- Driver temperature
- Short circuit
- No load
- Software for diagnostics, service and parameter load operates with Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista
- CAN controller (2.0b) enables communication with OEM CAN-bus
- Complete wiring harness: colour coded, with text and numbers for simple and efficient installation

VSI-LPG system

VSI is an abbreviation for "Vapour Sequential Injection". The VSI-LPG system is the most advanced LPG system available on the market. With the VSI-LPG system there is no difference between driving on petrol or on LPG.

The VSI-LPG system is developed in close cooperation with Keihin Corp. of Japan, one of the world’s leading injector manufacturers and a name that stands for OEM quality and reliability.

The VSI-LPG system is fully integrated by way of a "master slave" method with the vehicle ECU, making it (E)OBD compatible, therefore signal emulation is not required.

The key components of the system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for LPG applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications. The installation of the components is very easy due to the compact design of the components.

The specially dedicated diagnostic software is unique and enables fine tuning the VSI-LPG system for optimal performance and emission reduction.

For the storage of the LPG there are different tank options available.

Keihin Injectors

Injects LPG/CNG into the inlet manifold for each cylinder. Developed in cooperation with Prins by Keihin Corp, Japan, one of the world’s leading injector manufacturers. Injectors are of OEM quality and reliability.

Injector rail

• R67-01 & R110 homologated
• PA6 Glassfiber “re in forced” nylon
• Only right version available. If required fitter has to transfer right version into left version.
• High profile look
• Light weight and compact
• Uncomplicated fitting
• Assembled and leak tested at factory prior to dispatch
• 2, 3, 4 or 5 cylinder assemblies


• OEM quality injector
• Lifespan at least 290.000.000 cycles or 240.000 km
• Excellent linear flow range (linear 2% accuracy form min to max flow). Linear flow starting from 2,5 msec
• Low-resistance 1,25 Ω
• 5 injector sizes for engine capacities from 9 kW till 45 kW each cylinder. (e.g. 3 cyl with 27 kW to 10 cyl. 450 kW)